Egoiste Chanel cologne - a fragrance for men 1990

Date: 2017-12-07 18:07

I m soooo jealous of you! This Marcie bag is my dream, the bag that I really want to have! I would like to know how do you have such bag? Maybe you can make a giveaway, to make someone like me have its dream come true?!
And you re so beautiful! This look is perfection!

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I recently bought the new square bottle version like the one pictured above

this is very weak last like 7 hours.

Very disappointed.

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I am a fan. I love wearing this. It has been reintroduced recently in the American market. Unfortunately, the associated products are not available. I see a lot of similarities with Creed Vanisia.

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i have no words to describe this masterpiece,it's a miracle in a understand that sounds common to say good things for this perfume but all is magnificent blend for real men with good /65.

To say that Egoiste is conservative is like saying that Acqua di Gio is unique. Egoiste is anything but conservative. It is perhaps the most spicy, peppery fragrance I have ever smelled. That extreme spiciness mixes with some vanilla and sandalwood to create one of the most unique fragrances I've ever smelled. I've never smelled anything, in fact, quite like Egoiste since. It's not really my cup of tea, but my wife wears it, and it smells great on her! Does that sound "conservative" to you?! Although it probably doesn't quite suit me, Egoiste is a very good fragrance

Pure but seductive. A high quality perfume with strong sillage and great longevity. A masculine scent with leather and tobacco. With roses, carnations, cinammon and vanilla. Just love this perfume.

Alongside Secretions Magnifiques, Le labo Labdanum 68, Dyptique L'eau des Hesperides, Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths, Kouros, Tom Ford Noir, Tom Ford Oud Minerale, CdG Incense Avignon, CdG Soda, Mancera Aoud Lemon Mint, and Amouage Myths Man, this is the worst smelling fragrance I have ever put my nose on.

If you're a man and you love the balmy comforts of Chanel No. 5 EDT and the clean skin appeal of No. 69 but never quite felt comfortable buying them for yourself, then this is the one! There's also a clean, inedible vanilla and an indulgent, supple leather dimension that adds luxury and depth.

When I really want aa great fragrance I often wrestle with Egoiste and Green Irish Tweed..
Tonight I am going with Egoiste..

Not a bad problem to have.

Man this is top notch juice. (period).

One of the best fragrances ever made. I consider myself as a rather girly girl, yet this is one of my signature fragrances to wear for the office. Spices and woods are mouth watering. I prefer Egoiste to Bois des Iles, which is too tame to my view.

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