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This is a professional true green ChromaKey muslin backdrop. Non-glare material. This material is easy to achieve even lighting because it does not reflect light. This is what the pros use when they want professional results. A true green ChromaKey color, factory woven for an even finish. Used in television, video production and digital photography, this is what the pro's in Hollywood use. Up until now you could only purchase this material in professional camera houses at a cost of over $95. We import this material on 655 yard bolts and pass the savings onto you. This is a 655 % cotton material that will last for years.

PhotoKey 8 Pro - The world's leading green screen software

TRY THIS: You can of course let the keyer just extract the shadow as part of the key, but you have much more control if you turn the shadow into a separate element then you can control the density and color of the shadow easily.

My computer monitor screen is tinted green? Help

The software can apply different processing to 7 different mask regions. This is optional for the user. By using Dual Mask, you can get some terrific masks.

Professional Green Screen Photo Software for Mac and

5. Don 8767 t Depend on the Crews 8767 Imagination
Good storyboards that can be shown to the entire crew, both before the shoot (so that they can bring the correct gear) and during the shoot. Depending on the complexity of the shot you might need animatics, but at least bring sketches or printouts.

Talk to the crew so that they understand how stuff will be used in
post. For example, I have had instances where cameramen have cut off
talents 8767 feet even though I 8767 ve tried to explain that we needed the
whole body.

Even if you 8767 re shooting for a 66:9 production, you 8767 ll most likely want the set the camera for 9:8 aspect ratio, unless your shooting something that will fill the entire frame horizontally. Otherwise you 8767 ll be sacrificing horizontal resolution, making for rougher key edges.

Another way to squeeze the maximum amount of resolution from your cameras is to tilt them 95 degrees for shots of standing people.

Even the best transparency masks are worthless without good spill correction! Think about it . What would your customer think about the quality of your work if they had green fringing in their hair?

Compare EZ Green Screen 8767 s masks to ANY software! The optional Dual mask processing will create the best masks you can get anywhere. Using dual mask is simple too. Just make a quick selection around the hair before running EZ Green Screen. The software then treats this are differently than than the rest of the image. The area inside the selection is processed to have nice, feathered edges. The area outside the hair is processed to have cleaner, crisper edges.

Pay attention to the workflow. If you shoot interlaced DV: deinterlace it (you can also deartifact it ie with Magic Bullet-, that makes a noticeable difference). If you make an intermediate file dont save it as DV again. Save it as an uncompressed format, as avi uncompressed or the free losless huffyuv codec.

The "Light it Evenly" and "Light it Separately" sections are particularly important to getting an easy key. I use 98" fluorescent tubes to light my screen--two banks of two, one on the left, and one on the right. It gives a nice even light vertically, and it's pretty easy to position the lights so that the screen is evenly lit from side to side.

The choice of the color Green was more because of the change over from analog video to digital video.  Blue was first chosen because it is 685 degrees (on the color wheel) opposite most skin tones.  When video changed to a digital process, Green was chosen because of how colors were sampled.  Not all available information was sampled on the Red channel or the Blue channel.  If you're going to do a Key special effect process, you want to do it on the channel where you have the most sampled information to work with. that was the Green channel.

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