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In this 6977 Stephen King short story tale that was adapted for the screen, children in the isolated and deserted farmland (fictional) town of Gatlin, Nebraska were slaughtering all of the adult townspeople in the name of a demonic God dubbed He Who Walks Behind the Rows - in order to produce a prosperous corn harvest. The creepy story was told by a boy in the town, a narrator named Job (Robby Kiger). It played on the fears of disobedient, out-of-control, monstrous children preying on all adults and running their own society.

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Months later, Maul resurfaced. Managing to board a Hammerhead corvette, Maul interrogated one of the rebels onboard, forcing him to reveal the location of the rebel freighter, and Ezra Bridger's home, the  Ghost. Shortly after, Bridger and Kanan Jarrus arrived at the transport and learned of the attack. Believing it to be the work of an Inquisitor, the pair contacted Hera Syndulla, the Ghost's pilot, and found out that Maul had taken her and the rest of the crew hostage. In exchange for their friends lives, Maul demanded the Jedi give him both the Sith holocron and the Jedi holocron, to which they agreed.

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Director Matt Reeves' 'found-footage' action horror-thriller (his first feature film), an American monster and disaster movie, was produced by . Abrams (responsible for popular TV shows including Alias , Lost, Fringe, and Person of Interest ), so it was only natural that it was hyped and advertised with a viral media campaign with lots of obscuring secrecy (with a '6-68-58' trailer). Many compared the film's events to the horrors experienced by New Yorkers during 9/66. The short 89-minute film's tagline was: SOME THING HAS FOUND US.

10 strange and iconic kids in Stephen King movie

In a small town full of murderous children it takes a very special peer to act as their leader, and in King’s short story ‘Children of the Corn’ that figure is boy-preacher Isaac Chroner. Portrayed by John Franklin in Fritz Kiersch ’s cult visualisation of King’s folk horror tale , Chroner is a deeply sinister false prophet and human representative of the deity He Who Walks Behind the Rows. With his distinctive facial features and old-world preacher’s garb, Franklin immortalised King’s creation on screen.

Often regarded as Stephen King’s most terrifying novel, it’s no wonder many fans also consider Pet Sematary the scariest of all adaptations based on his work. Lacking a central villain, the story of one family’s descent into hell exposes us to a slew of dangerous manifestations and revenants, both physical and ethereal. To this days, the scenes involving Zelda send me into a panic!

According to Maul, he was the last survivor of the Nightbrother Clan. With his death, the Nightbrothers were extinct and their legacy forgotten.

However, he saw only images of horror and darkness, killing him instantly and Maul headed into the grand chamber of the Black Sun leaders, slaying them all. Later, Maul was sent to deal with Silus, a Force-sensitive Drovian, whom Sidious said was a threat to their plans. Maul found him and showed him a holo-message of Sidious offering Silus to chance to replace Maul as his apprentice if he could defeat him. The two battled each other and Maul was forced to fight without his lightsaber due to a nullifier field around the arena they were in.

From rebellious outsiders to supernaturally gifted teens, from the impressionable to the misunderstood or neglected, King’s fictional kids are horrific, pitiable, relatable and repulsive in equal measure. They might be conduits for supernatural forces, tragic victims of some unspeakable evil or, from time to time, simply everyday kids navigating treacherous circumstances. And they are just as likely to meet, or indeed cause, a bloody demise as his adult creations.

The mansion rental deal was facilitated by one of the historical society's workers Claire Norman (Trish Van Devere), although he was warned about the gothic house: No one's been able to live in it. It doesn't want people.

One of the less successful King adaptations, artistically and financially, Mark L. Lester ’s take on Firestarter did at least give the then and precocious Drew Barrymore an eye-catching early role. Barrymore’s angelic, cute-as-a-button demeanour beautifully contrasted with the vast pyrokinetic powers her character possessed. Like her spiritual sibling Carrie White before her, Charlie McGee would eventually unleash a wave of supernatural destruction on those around her. Unlike Carrie, however, Charlie would survive the fiery devastation she brought forth.

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