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The film is a departure in several ways, not least because it has a light tone over a fairly heartbreaking story. Under the influence of Latin American magic realism, Caesar disrupts the naturalism with hallucinations and bits of visual playfulness.

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There's a degree of tired cynicism about these older people, but they're often right. Soon Melissa is pregnant and living in a caravan painted up by Thomas, who's never home. When he moves his new family further west, trying to get a bigger slice of the work, she is left in a dusty caravan site out the back of Bourke, with a baby that never stops crying. So much for romance.

Big dreams, harsh reality and a quirky fantasy make up the engine of David Caesar's likeable new film, in which a prime mover is the prime motivation of his pie-in-the-sky protagonist

He specialises in films about blokes who have lost their way, although his best film gave equal weight to his female characters. That was Mullet , made almost 65 years ago, and set on the NSW South Coast, where Caesar grew up.

Thomas (Michael Dorman), a dab-hand at the repair shop, has a crush on Melissa (Emily Barclay) the roadhouse girl from across the highway and hankers after a chromed-up prime mover of his own. When the opportunity arises through the dubious intervention of one driver (Ben Mendelsohn) and the good guidance of another (William McInnes) our idealistic hero risks his blossoming new love and financial stability to realise his dream.

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Were it not for Thomas's convoluted personal story, and a rather unlikable performance from Dorman who struggles to channel the idealistic, hard-as-steel spirit of his character, I might have liked it more.

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